German courses

To get to know the rich language and culture in the three main German-speaking countries.

Learn how to speak German to communicate in day-to-day situations. You will acquire vocabulary, the principles of pronunciation, and simple sentence structures.

Going on a trip with a couple of friends? Need to a brush up on the language or learn the basics? Come meet with us and we can offer you and your small group a German course suited to your needs and schedule.


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German courses

Discounts for Private Courses

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Private Courses

Private classes are completely personalized.

Our flexible scheduling offers you the possibility to have your course at any time and the location of your choosing: in one of our classrooms in Rosemère, in the comfort of your home, or your place of business. We personalize your courses according to your needs. Scheduling, length of time, and frequency of the course are established based on your availability and the level you wish to reach.

Group courses

You can set up your own group of 3 or more people.

Come and see us, and we can prepare a course plan suited to your needs and availability.

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